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01 Labs

A product management consultancy that builds products with early stage creator economy software companies. We help clients do research, strategize, design, implement, and analyze the success of their web and mobile products, as well as staff and optimize their tech / design teams. Problems we work on: 1) empowering creators, such as musicians, visual artists, influencers, video creators, writers, and dancers, to build sustainable businesses, and 2) bringing people together: community & connection. Through work on music streaming & royalty analytics, we’ve worked with most major music labels and managers of artists you may have heard of…. Lizzo, Troye Sivan, Lil Nas X, Twenty One Pilots, Cautious Clay, Halsey, and many more. Outside of music, we also work with creator economy startups offering video licensing for YouTubers/TikTokers, professional networking for performing artists (founders featured in SNL and So You Think You Can Dance), and personal crypto currencies for business creators, among other verticals.

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