Founded and led by an originator of the world’s leading permissioned blockchain framework Hyperledger Fabric, our business specializes in the intelligent application of this distributed ledger technology (DLT). The decentralized nature of blockchain along with its inherent traits of non-refutability and immutability form the foundation upon which systems of trust will be constructed. Trust will not lie in the veracity of the observed but rather in your ability to discern your “truth” from the transparency afforded by these systems. We at 0pacity strive to educate and assist you in leveraging these systems as their prevalence grows and forms the substrate upon which the other elements of DARQ will depend (Artificial intelligence, extended Reality, and Quantum computing). Zero opacity is equivalent to transparent. We want nothing to stand between you and us which could limit the exchange of ideas or halt the progress of a given project. When we behave consistently, we produce reliably. Our expectations are high so that we may always offer our clients quality experiences, products, and services. This is how we perpetuate lucidity. This is what allows us to Keep Good Company. This is who we are. We have passion for problem solving, curiosity for complexity, and draw for the unknown. Exploration is done without fear, hesitation, or carelessness. Discovery and invention are buttressed by reason, discipline, great effort, and fortitude. These four qualities in combination with our core value of transparency enable us to build and maintain trust as we endeavor together to make your vision a reality.

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