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0x Society

0x Society is a non profit organization focused on the promotion, diffusion and support of the crypto art movement. We are proud to be a carbon-negative organization. It is the first crypto art centre in Canada, offering not only highly curated in-person and virtual exhibitions at 0x NFT Art Gallery, but also thorough educational content with 0x Academy and generous grant programs for artists through 0x Grants Program. Our gallery is located on the historic site of New City Gas, in Montreal. The organization has a leading role in educating the community about blockchain technology, non fungible tokens and crypto art through the 0x Academy. Visit academy.0xsociety.com to start learning! The congregation of creativity and technology allows to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds by providing a gathering place for artists and collectors to connect. Profits are divided between the 0x Grant Program, which will allow artists to thrive in the industry of crypto art, and offsetting our carbon emission. 0x Society was co-founded by Yannick Folla and Bianca Lessard, in collaboration with Produkt and top Montreal artists Alycia Rainaud AKA "Maalavidaa" and Alexy Préfontaine AKA "Aeforia" as Creative Advisors.

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