Alpaca Panel w/ Yann Dubois & Tianyi Zhang
May 25, 2023at 05:30PM – May 25, 2023at 07:30PM

Alpaca Panel w/ Yann Dubois & Tianyi Zhang

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SPC is excited to host a conversation with Yann Dubois and Tianyi Zhang, core members of the Stanford team behind the Alpaca large language model. Alpaca is an “an astonishingly big deal”: it shows that ChatGPT-like behavior can be achieved by an open-source model, small enough to run in a browser or smartphone, tuned with less than $100 of compute. 

​Join us to dig into what it means and what’s next at the fast-moving AI research frontier. 

​Registration and approval is required and space is limited, so RSVP soon. 

​40 minutes in a casual Q&A format with questions from a moderator, then ~20 minutes for audience questions.  

​Doors open at 5:30pm and the talk will start at 6pm sharp, so please arrive before start time.  

​Food & drinks will be served 

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